Saigerhöh Spa

In the Saigerhöh Spa you can be pampered with soothing massages,  regenerating body treatments and much more.


Saigerhöh Spa

Unwind and dive in to the silence and beauty of the forest nature.
At the Saigerhöh SPA & Resort, we represent a complete treatment philosophy and we have created for you te most valuable forces for effective care and beauty, health and balance: Sustainable treatment concepts from elements of native nature in sybiosis with internationally proven treatment- rituals by highly experienced therpaists. In the crystal clear ir of the Black Forest you will find ethereal components of fir, pine, blossoms and herbs, which we take up in our sophisticated SPA- treatments. Botanical essences, traditional natural remedies such as Black Forest hony and soft minerla water nourish the skin and give your body, mind and soul new energy. Treat yourself with a break and find your own source of strength.

Wellness Arrangements

SPA packages

Recovery high 2

  • Aktivating wet body peeling with sisal grove
  • Back and leg massage with Black Forest honey oil and intensive care with heated beeswax

    Relaxing time 80 minutes incl. rest period– € 115.00 per person

Time for two

  • Warming herbal foot bath (served with a glass of sparkling wine)
  • Candle massage

    Relaxing time 80 minutes incl. rest period– € 115.00 per person

Beauty Ritual

  • Basic facial treatment                  50 minutes
  • Herbal stamps back massage       30 minutes

    Relaxing time 80 minutes – € 115.00 per person

The double treatment room can be booked if capacities allow.


Facial treatment with cleansing, peeling, eyebrow correction, mask, short facial massage, finl care.
Relaxing time 50 minutes – € 65.00

De Luxe

Special facial treatment with exclusive actibe ingredients with immediate anti-aging effect. Cleansing, enzyme peeling, active ingredient ampoule, eyebrow correction and colorin, eyelash coloring, face mask, gentle massage, luxury final care. Including hand massage and hand packs.
Relaxing time 110 minutes – € 135.00

Vital complexion

A new facial treatment with ultrasound. Special ingredients cater for an enduring moisturizing effect. The cell metabolim is activated, the lymph flow strengthened and blood circulation stimulated. Amules with highly condentrated ingredients ae induced into teh skin by ultrasound so that they have a better effect. Your complexion appears more smooth and more firm than before. Winkles disappear - simply a convincing result. Cleansing, scrubs, mask and final care.
Relaxing time 60 minutes – € 95.00

Basic Plus (for impure skin)

Facial treatment with deep cleansing, AHA peeling, eyebrow correction, face- neck and decollete massage. Vital mask and final care.
Relaxing time 80 minutes – € 95.00

Men Balance

Relaxing facial treatment, specifically designed for the needs of men. Cleansing, peeling, active substance ampoule, face or head massage, final care.
Relaxing time 50 minutes – € 65.00

Manicure (without varnish)

Hand bath, peeling, nail care
Relaxing time 50 minutes – € 60.00

Manicure with varnish

Including nail polish of your choice to take away
Relaxing time 60 minutes – € 70.00

Pedicure (without varnish)

Foot bath, peeling, nail care
Relaxing time 60 minutes – € 65.00

Pedicure with varnish

Including nail polish of your choice to take away
Relaxing time 70 minutes – € 75.00

Beauty Service

Eyelash coloring in combination with a face care / 15,00 €
Eyebrows coloring in combination with a face care / 10,00 €
Eyebrow correction and coloring Eyelash coloring without face care / 35,00 €

Hair removal

upper lip or chin / 15,00 €
upper lip and chin / 25,00 €

Makep up
Day make up / 25,00 €
Evening make up / 35,00 €

Body Event

Black Forest full body Peeling

Rock salt with Swiss stonepine and honey
Special combination of Swiss stone pine, mountain bee honey, whey and a fresh extract of honeycomb
Relaxing time 30 minutes – 45,00 €

Sea salt full body peeling

Sea saltpeeling with essential oils
Relaxing time 30 minutes – 40,00 €

Full body pack- birch with juniper and wheat bran

The body pack Purification helps the skin to fee itself lastingky from harmful substances. The igh content of fine wheat bran provides the tissue with plenty of vitamins, minerlas and antioxidants, regulates skin moisture and increases the elasticity of the skin. Extracts of young birch leaves and juniper wood have a deep cleansing effect, prompte blood circulation and stimulate detoxification processes.
Relaxing time 40 minutes – 55,00 €

Peat Pack

The mineral- rich Black Forest Moor strengthens the immune system and the pleasant warmth brings relaxation and balance to the muscles and has a positive effect on metabolism and regeneration processes.
Relaxing time 25 minutes – 30,00 €

Hay Pack

Relaxation on well- temperes hay cushions in organic Black Forest hay.
Relaxing time 25 minutes – 30,00 €

Drainage Marin

Special wrapping method for legs and bottom with 3- fold effect. A kind of lymph drainage and purification. Lipolysis and metabolism are stimulated, the body silhouette becomes visibly toghter and firmer.
Relaxing time 60 minutes – 75,00 €
Wellness Massages

Black Forest Honey Massage

Pleasent warmth lets experience a pleasant deep relaxation. The honey- ginger oil and the heated beeswax pack provide the body with intensive care. Vitamin A and anitmicrobial propolis vitalize stressed skin, promote blood circulation and relieve tension
Relaxing time 50 minutes – 75,00 €

Herbal stamp massage

Intensive massage with arm herbal stamps, filled with local herbs, support muscle relaxation, promote realxation and let immerse yourself in our local herbal world
Back massage 30 minutes - 45,00 €
Body massage 50 minutes - 75,00 €

Candle massage

The pleasant scebt and the special light make this massage an extraordinary experience. We massage you with a well- tempered wax of your choice
Relaxing time 50 minutes – 70,00 €

Swiss stone pine massage

Swiss stone pine wood has a wide- ranging, health- promoting effect. As a natural remedy it works against insomnia, muscle tension, lack of concentration and has a positive effect on the circulation. In this intensive massage with Swiss stone pine oil, a Swiss Stone pine wood curl pack combined with a heat pack is used. The Swiss stone pine oil supports the recovery of body and mind.
Relaxing time 50 minutes – 75,00 €

Birch wood massage

This extraordinary massage with handmade massage sticks made of birch wood in combination with birch oil loosens the muscles and promotes the detoxification of the connective tissue, loosens adhesions and brings the lymphatic systems into flow.
Relaxing time 50 minutes – 65,00 €

Sport massage with Zechstein magensium oil

This is a targeted sport massage to support endurance. The muscles are stimulated and immediately have teh possibility to regenerate. It regains more energy and vitality and also works specifically against muscle cramps.
Relaxing time 50 minutes - 70,00 €

Anti stress massage

Enjoy a relaxing treatment of face, neck, head and hands. The high-quality masks for face and hands have an intensive clarifying effect and stimulate the skin´s own activity. A gentle massage of face, head, neck and hands completes the treamtment.
Relaxing time 50 minutes – 70,00 €

Detoxing anti aging massage with cupping glasses

Detoxing massage helps the skin to revitalize and regain its elasticity. The blood circulation stimulated in this way helps to break through the fat deposits (cellulite) and loosens the internal adhesions.
Relaxing time 50 minutes - 65,00 €

Hot / Cool stone massage

A soothing massage depending on the season or completely according to your wishes, hot or cold basal stones are used for this massage. These have a stimulating effect on the metabolism, the immune system is stabilised, blood circulation is stimulated and skin elasticity is improved.
Full body massage 80 minutes incl. rest period - 105,00 €
Back massage 40 minutes incl. rest period - 55,00 €
Traditional massage

Full body massage

Classic intensive back massage with back of leg
Relaxing time 50 minutes - 65,00 €
Relaxing time 70 minutes - 95,00 €

Partial massage

Classic back and neck Massage
Relaxing time 25 minutes – 35,00 €

Kombi massage

Classic back and foot reflex massage
Relaxing time 50 minutes – 65,00 €

Foot reflex massage

selective pressure massage of the sole of the foot
Relaxing time 25 minutes - 35,00 €

Fascia therapy

Effective deep tissue treatment considering fascia and strong tension.
Duration of the therapy 60 minutes - 80,00 €

Kinesio Taping

A Kinesio Tape relieves tension and muscle pain, it relieves and stabilizes.
treatment time 15 minutes – 10,00 €
For expectant mothers / fairytale for the children

For Exppectant mothers
The massage can be enjoyed from the 4th month until the 9th month


Relaxing and gentle back, shoulder, neck and head massage (sitting or lying on the side)
Relaxing time 30 minutes – 40,00 €


Combination of a foot bath with herbal oil, foot peeling and massage of legs and sole. Improves metabolism and lymphatic system.
Relaxing time 50 minutes – 65,00 €

Fairytale for the children
For children from 4 to 10 years accompanied by their parents

Massage for little princes and princesses

Aroma massage for children to relax and for better body functions.
Relaxing time 20 minutes - 30,00 €

Beauty Queens

Manicure or pedicure with colorful varnish to take away
Relaxing time 45 minutes - 40,00 €
Day Spa

In the Spa hotel Saigerhöh we also welcome external wellness fans. Enjoy your time in our sauna area, indoor swimming pool and tea lounge.

Day Spa

Entrance and use of SPA & Resort
SPA bag incl. bathrobe, towel and slipper
25,00 €

Day SPA Relax

Entrance and use of SPA & Resort
Breakfast buffet or small salad depedning on the time of day
SPA bag incl. bathrobe, towel and slipper
39,00 €

Day SPA Massage

Entrance and use of SPA & Resort
Breakfast buffet or small salad depedning on the time of day
SPA bag incl. bathrobe, towel and slipper
Back masage 25 minutes
69,00 €
Fit & Active sports offer

Sport means exercise and above all the that ist should be fun! This is our motto and so we have put together a varied sports programme for you. In addition to the classic workouts, you will find health- oriented offers or special fitness courses. We offer you a daily morning and afternoon activity programme. Wether you´re a beginner or an ambitious sportsman, just try it out - you´re most welcome to join us.

Personal Training
We will be happy to put together your own personal fitness programme for you, which is tailored to your wishes and needs. Also a guided Nordic- Walking or bicycle tour can be booked individually.

Back Training
Back gymnastics with the aim or mobilizing and stabilizing the spine.

FIT Mix Aerobic
Being fit, having fun, feeling good - a comprehensive whole body workout with liveky music, with the contents endurance and strengthening of the arm, leg, bottom and back muscles.

Fascia Training
with various tools such as theraband, fascia roll, balance cushion, gymnastic ball

Multifunctional Training
For balance as well as abdominal and pelvic floor. Strengthens the entire abdominal muscles. Especially the deep abdominal muscles from the basis for a stable trunk and a strong back.

Kettlebell Training
Functional training with flybars

Aqua Gym
Complete movement training in the water strengthens the cardiovascular system and the musculature, the joints are spared.

Nordic Walking
Nordic walking is one of the healthiest endurance sports - the cardiovascular system and metabolism are stimulated, the muscles are comprehensively strengthened. The poles are provided free of charge.

Mountainbike Tours
Enjoy the "light" pleasure of cycling. Our bikes are the optimal combination of fun and comfort. As soon as you pedal, dicreet electric motors support your movement. so every bike tour becomes a pure pleasure.

Forest bathing
A walk in the forest!
The rustling of leaves, the singing of the birds, the scent of herbs, fresh grass and damp forest soil, the play of shades and light - in hardly any other place can you switch off and unwind better than in the forest. Move consciously and attentively thorough the forest. Take your time. Open your senses and smell, taste and feel the forest. Decelerate during a walking meditation.

SPA Yoga
Several times a year we offer you very special yoga weekends through our experienced staff: Draw nwe strength, regenerate body and mind, activate the heart chakra, find happiness and serenity. Already after one session you feel relaxed and fit and approach challenges with new energy.

SPA packages

Book treamtments and arrive

In order to ensure your desired treatment, we recommend that you book the consultation and reservation even before your arrival. You will receive your appointment confirmation directly upon arrival in our hotel. For requested appointments during your stay you can gladly contact our spa reception in the wellness building or our hotel reception in the lobby. Please arrive in the waiting area 5 minutes before start of treatment. We will pick you up there. Out of respect for the following guests we ask you to understand that in case of a late arrival on your part this time must be reduced from your treatment time. We will gladly gear our efforts entirely to your needs. That is why it is important for us to know if you have a preference with regard to our qualified specialists (male/female). For organizational reasons we ask that you already inform us about your preference when making a reservation for your treatment.

Our treatments have very different effects. We ask that you inform us in advance about possible complaints or health issues so that these treatments are always positive and supportive for your body.

If possible, arrive for your treatment only in the bathrobe from your room. In order to protect your privacy, with every treatment we offer you disposable underwear and carefully deal with your privacy during the treatment. An exception is the sauna area in our hotel that is defined as a nude area. 

Fulfiment of requests
Before every treatment we will ask you for your individual treatment goals and requests in order to address these concerns during the treatment. Competent advice is a component of treatment and is very important to us.

Children and Teenager
We beg our young guests to respect other guests´need for relaxation - espacilly in the afternoon. From 1 years onwards, we welcome you to our sauna area.

We can accept appointment cancellations free of charge up to 24 hours in advance. We ask for your understanding that 100% of the amount will be charged in the event of last-minute cancellations.

We thank you for understanding that the entire spa area is an absolute non-smoking area. Care and consideration in mutual respect is very important to us. Therefore we ask you to set mobile telephones on mute and to enjoy the break in our spa without laptops and tablets.

Your Saigerhöh SPA team looks forward to your visit!
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